SLAQ Brewing (Soar like a quail).  SLAQ Brewery is a small batch, family owned and operated, independent brewery in Seville, Victoria.

Production began in late 2018 at our winery in Seville, where we pour fresh from our taps, and sell speciality hand brewed beers in cans.  Brewer, Li has a handy skill set of being a professional chef for over 15 years, cooking in restaurants at various venues across Melbourne and surrounding areas.

This led to cooking abroad in London and Canada.  While living the kitchen life, Li discovered beer.  A winemaker’s daughter became a craft beer enthusiast. Home brewing became an interest and a hobby.  Then an opportunity to work in a kitchen in a budding commercial brewery opened her eyes to larger scale and commercial brewing.

Returning, inspired, SLAQ Brewery began to take shape.  Brewing the beers she likes to drink and using the hops grown on the property at Seville, is a dream come true.  Brewing with a nod to tradition, but a liberating freestyle and creative flair.

SLAQ’s goal is to continue lovingly creating small batch, hand made beers, that we love to drink, while responsibly sourcing ingredients produced closer to home.

In time SLAQ brewing will have a small list of standard SLAQ brewing beers with 1 or 2 small batches of special beers to try at cellar door.  Don’t be surprised if wine and beer overlap. We have already produced a Cabernet Sauvignon NEIPA beer.

SLAQ Brewing is family owned and a true micro brewery producing small batches from 50 litres to 600 litres.