Brumfield Winery was founded over 20 years ago before we became an official winery.  We’re located on the red volcanic soils of Seville in the Upper Yarra Valley. On our property we make small batch wines from our estate grown vines.  The Upper Yarra Valley is the higher elevation and cooler than the Yarra Valley floor. It produces high quality cool climate grapes along with other amazing produce grown in the area.

In 2016 we introduced a range of sourdough bread range of breads which we sell locally under the “Frog n’ Duck label.  Frog n’ Duck is about sustainable farming and when you look after your land you see and hear frogs and ducks enjoying your property.

We then introduced SLAQ Brewing in 2018, run by Li.  Hand crafted beers made in a micro (yes, true micro-brewery) on the property.  We also now grow some of the hops that Li uses to produce the beers.

We are proud of all our products being handcrafted and produced with as much local ingredients where ever possible.  Such a dedicated approach to farming provides the highest of quality products that are truly artisan and offers you a first-hand experience from farm to bottle.